A Little About Tiny Tect

Quality Design & Years of Experience

Tiny Text Tiny Houses Founders

Who are we?

Tiny Tect was founded by husband and wife team and the creators of TCG Ventures, who have successfully completed many building projects together, utilising their combined skillset.

Alison is an architect with over 20 years experience in the corporate sector and in her own boutique architectural practice.

Ben is a skilled business/marketing manager and building project manager, having successfully delivered various sized building and development projects.

After an extended caravanning holiday with their young family and re-assessing what was important to them, the duo saw an opening to provide something different and unique in the ‘tiny house space’. Hence Tiny Tect was born. Tiny Houses, Big ArchiTECTure.

“We are incredibly passionate about providing amazing housing and we believe there is more to life than paying off large mortgages and living a super busy and stressful life.”

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Why Choose Tiny Tect?

Our Experience

Over 20 years experience working in the architecture and building industry working at a local and international level. We live and breathe design and construction and love what we do!

Unique & Flexible

Unique, beautiful, with multi-functional spaces so you can take a Tiny Tect tiny house and make it yours! Your home to love and cherish. Imagine a dedicated yoga space or a relaxing reading area...this is what makes a house a home.

Environmental Design

We not only create designs that look and feel good, our designs also respect the environment. We think about natural heating and cooling methods to help reduce your energy consumption and we have a huge focus on off-grid living to reduce energy costs and create a greater sense of self-sufficiency.

The Tiny Tect Philospophy

Tiny Houses, Big ArchiTECTure is our motto and that is what we do, we make small spaces feel BIG! We create a sense of spaciousness that is second to none.

At Tiny Tect, we truly believe that great architecture should be accessible to everyone and we combine years of architectural experience from Australia and abroad with a sound knowledge of construction into all our designs. We believe great design should; create a feeling of excitement and wonder, respect and respond to nature and help connect people to nature and others.

We love the freedom that comes with owning a tiny house and that’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. Imagine being more self sufficient, de-cluttered, de-stressed and able to focus on the things that matter. Feels good doesn’t it?

7m Tiny House on wheels | Artista Model
4.2m Tiny House on wheels | Artista Model
8.2m Tiny House on wheels | Wildscape Model